Barcelona United
Columbus, Ohio’s Premier Youth Soccer Club

The program consists of

The program consists of:

Komotion Fitness/Barcelona United Speed & Agility Training Program Structure


The class will be structured into three different components:

1. Speed & Agility

a. Footwork
b. Reactivity
c. Explosion
d. Injury Prevention

2. Strength and conditioning

a. Body weight/light weight compound movements that build functional movements

i. Squats
ii. Deadlifts
iii. Clean and press
iv. Jerks

b. Interval training movements to build conditioning and cardiovascular endurance

i. Battle rope
ii. Tire movements
iii. Resistance bands
iv. HIIT training

3. Mobility Training

a. Yoga
b. Static Stretching
c. Dynamic Stretching

Duration of Program

6 week program , 12 sessions 

Program Location:

Ohio Combat Sports Academy 
6956 Americana Parkway
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068